Parati - (Paraty) - is a small town located midway between Rio and Sao Paulo and somewhere around 1820 in time.

The Historical Centre of the town still has its original cobbled streets and cars are banned although motorcycles are allowed.

Below is one of the main streets of the town - at rush hour 

At the end of this street is the church that was built by and for slaves.

Here one of the local dogs finds spot to rest slap bang in the middle of the street without much fear of being disturbed for quite a while.

While one of the local residents sits and watches time pass.

Another plays beautiful music on a harp and offers his artwork for sale.

Here we may have a meeting of the town council, or maybe just an excuse to stop the dusting for a time.

When it comes to moving things around the Historical Centre, things move in much the same way they have for centuries;

whether the things be chairs



garden trimmings

or people out for a Sunday jaunt

As well as the church for slaves shown earlier, there were also churches for the mixed races

 and the well to do colonial elite white folk.

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