Pousada Pardieiro

The peacefulness and beauty are hard to describe but impossible to forget - Trisha April 15 2005

Go to the end of the street and ring the bell was the instruction from our driver.

The gate opened to a welcoming lobby attended by happy and helpful locals who unfailingly pretended to understand Leonard's attempts at using the six words of Portuguese he had mastered.

Off the lobby, the main path led through a veritable jungle 

that soon revealed the pool area

and just around the corner was Apartmento Vent e Cinco - or Suite 25 in the Inglese.

Our living room provided a hammock for guest relaxation,

while outside, some of the permanent residents relaxed in more natural surroundings.

One of the delightful features of Pousada Pardiero was the amount of space given over for use as Guest Lounges.

Below is a TV lounge adjacent to the pool area - there were no TVs in the rooms so if you did wish to watch the idiot box - which we didn't - you could come to the lounge.

The 'room' below was a very inviting space open to the garden on three sides.

The area below was particularly well used as the bar staff would take your drink and sandwich orders while you lolled about the pool and then summon you to a table once your order was ready.

While the guests were lunching by the pool, some of the permanent residents would come down for their regular luncheon table by the kitchen.

The pool/bar/lounge/restaurant areas could best be described as a haven within an oasis for guests and permanents alike.

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