An Island Lunch

While motoring along looking at sights and heading for whatever lunch spot Capitano had planned for us Leonard spotted a bunch of rocks with palm trees in the distance. As it came closer there appeared to be a 'structure' and umbrellas at one end of this rocky outcrop.

When asked about this still far off speck of rocks, Capitano indicated it was indeed a restaurant and when asked if it was 'muito bom' Capitano gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up and a series of nods, so it was agreed this would be our lunch stop. 

Capitano dropped anchor and the runabout from the island came alongside to take us 'ashore'.

This turned out to be Ilha do Catimbau and restaurant Eh Laho.

Capitano declined all offers to join us, indicating he would stay with his boat and do some fishing. 

We had no sooner been seated, placed an order and started on the mandatory caipirinha when Capitano appeared from the back of the island and was greeted by all the island staff as a long lost brother. After the greetings were completed, he then took us to the edge of the deck, produced a small piece of bread from his pocket and threw it onto the water.

A myriad of fish of all sizes and shapes appeared for our enjoyment.

After marveling at the number of fish, and the clarity of the water we were soon summoned back to our table for lunch which was some of the tastiest seafood either of us had ever eaten - and the Brasilian Chardonnay wasn't all that shabby either. 

Capitano continued to resist invitations to join us for food or wine or caipirinhas, but was happy to accept an icy cold beer which he assured us would not impair his control of the vessel - as if we were worried. He was soon presented with a huge plate of spaghetti and he and the owner of the place settled down for much swapping of tales and laughter at a table out behind the kitchen, so all was well.

Here is a satisfied Trisha with the two delightful girls who had provided us with first class service.

Leonard is also looking happy, although the schooner dropping anchor in the background indicates it is time to get out of here before the 'group booking' arrives.

One last espresso while they start to come ashore,

and then it is back to Barco Pardierio, a wave from the owner of Eh Laho, and away for more exploring of the bay.

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