The Wedding

April 16 was the date and Ilha do Breu was the location for the wedding of Jessica and Sebastian and a cast of thousands - well OK then hundreds - had gathered from the far corners of the world to help celebrate the occasion.

Those staying in Paraty took a 30 minute ride in a minibus to Tarituba 

then transferred to a small boat 

for the 15 minute ride to the island.

On the Island, Trisha stood by in her tropical island wedding outfit

while the Island's resident quality control officer undertook last minute inspections to ensure the suitability of the table decorations

Thankfully the Altar had earlier passed the quality inspection,

and Sebastian arrived with his mother and the celebrant

to await Jessica's arrival

As darkness fell Jessica & Sebastian came together at the altar, 

and soon joined their guests as husband and wife

whereupon they were pelted with rice ?? what is that all about.

Here Trisha plays bridesmaid to display the train

and here a detail of the gown.

Soon it was time for the traditional Bridal Waltz, and it was Jessica's father who took her to the dance floor to commence the waltz

while Sebastian went to find his hat and cut in for the Bridal Tango - 

well, when you have an Argentinean groom you have to expect this sort of thing.

Sebastian then produced a complete surprise by joining the band and serenading his new bride with a love song in Spanish

and didn't the bride and her witnesses just love it!!!

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