Proud Parents Inspect their Offspring

Soon after the unveiling had got underway at Cherry Hill, there was a wave of excitement as a Maybach swept up the drive and Christo and Jeanne-Claude emerged.

(those with keen eyes may find Trisha in shot, to the left)

They were soon  joined by a bevy of minders, paparazzi and a film crew from 60 Minutes complete with Morley Chaffer in attendance. 

 After conducting an interview down on the lake shore (and no doubt puzzling over some of the questions, as they had done all week,) they returned to the top of the hill and headed off to another vantage point.

Apart from cheering and clapping there were numerous calls of "Thank You" and "Thank you for not giving up on New York", all of which appeared to please them both a great deal.

The workers went back to unveiling, and Trisha was left to admire their handiwork so far.

Here double gates around Cherry Hill

and here a row of single gates leading up to Bow Bridge

We then headed for home, warm drinks, and breakfast and found that the opening crews were making steady progress.


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