The Foundations

During 2003 and 2004 six manufacturing plants in the USA and two plants in Germany prepared the material which was then shipped to a 25,000 square feet assembly plant in Queens. 

The materials need for 7,500 gates included;
5290 tons of steel
60 miles/96.5km of 5inch x 5inch Vinyl tube for the poles
15,000 cast aluminium upper corner brackets
15,000 extruded aluminium base anchor sleeves
15,000 steel leveling plates
165,000 bolts and self locking nuts
15,000 vinyl leveling plat covers
1,067,330 square feet/99,155sq metres of rip-stop nylon fabric

On January 3 2005 professional workers commenced placing the steel bases throughout the park using forklifts and pallet jacks. 

The bases were spaced 12 feet apart and rested on rubber 'mats' to minimize their impact on the surface.

At the end of January they distributed the posts and beams throughout the park ready for assembly.



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